by Mrs Annabel Anderson, Speech & Drama teacher at TN.

24 Terra Nova children from Years 2-8 took part in this year’s Bowdon Festival and I am so proud of each and every one of them. They performed in various classes from solo drama to poetry and prose reading. The commitment the children have shown in preparing for this event has been incredible and hundreds of lines have been learned and practised over the past few weeks!

The children looked incredibly smart, behaved beautifully and performed brilliantly. I was particularly impressed by the way the different age groups supported and encouraged one another. Thank you to all the parents for their wonderful support over the weekend and many thanks to Mr Pearson for coming to support us on the day too.

The results for those pupils who were awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd places are as follows:

1st place

Isabella BB and Lily C (Year 5) – duologue

Henry C (Year 7) – prose reading

Hannah D (Year 5) – set poem

Edward D (Year 3)- prose reading

Edward D (Year 3) – set poem

Hugo L (Year 8) – prose reading

Eleanor M (Year 3)- own choice poem

Edward P(Year 8) – own choice poetry

Edward P (Year 8) – Poetry speaking

Toby R (Year 2) – own choice poem

Sophia S (Year 6) – set poem

Alex W (Year 4) – impromptu speaking

2nd place

Isabella BB (Year 5) – set poem

Bella C (Year 4) – prose reading

Henry C and Cassian P (Year 7) – duologue

Hannah D (Year 5) – own choice poem

Archie M (Year 3) – own choice poem

Isabella P (Year 6) – set poem

Toby R (Year 2) – set poem

Alex W (Year 4) – own choice poem

3rd place

Sophie L (Year 4) – own choice poetry

Sophie L (Year 4) – prose reading

Ben LJ (Year 7) – set poem

Archie M (Year 3) – own choice poem

Eleanor M (Year 3) – prose reading

Edward P (Year 8) – prose reading

Matty K (Year 8) – own choice poem


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