Today marks the global event ‘Safer Internet Day’ and fresh on the back of the TN talks that took place yesterday, the teachers at Terra Nova have been busy at work reinforcing the same messages in the classroom. The subject of E-safety is regularly part of the conversation in our classrooms but by having a digital safety awareness week, the school is enabled to have greater focus on the subject, involve the pupils in subject related extra activities and initiatives to enhance our pupils’ understanding. 
Today, pupils and teachers have explored the subject of online friendship in games and social media and what constitutes a friend in real life as opposed to a connection made online. Tips and advice on safety settings have been shared and explanations on the subject of why certain restrictions are necessary at different ages have been discussed. In addition, the pupils have engaged in role play and scenarios to discuss where online behaviour might be inappropriate or need improving and what solutions and strategies could be put in place to solve these problems and potentially prevent them. 
Pupils, with the support of their teachers, have also been working towards building their own guidelines for how they should conduct themselves online. In addition, pupils having been busy creating tips for the jigsaw piece display #itstartswithus. This is designed to illustrate how one little positive step from each pupil has a huge impact on creating a better internet when efforts are combined. 
2 E-Safety themed assemblies are timetabled for tomorrow and discussions will continue throughout the week as the school continues to develop its digital leaders programme.
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