Terra Nova’s Year 6 visited The National Holocaust Centre & Museum in Nottingham. The year group have been studying ‘prejudice & discrimination’ in their religious studies lessons and furthermore learning about identity and community. The visit to the museum was an opportunity for the children to appreciate the importance of being tolerant. The TN pupils learnt about a year in the life of Leo Stein, a 10 year old boy and his family who lived in Berlin, Germany. This year was 1938 when Leo’s life changed irrevocably as it did for millions of other Jewish people. The TN pupils also heard about the life of Susan Pearson, who was sent to England during 1938 and never saw her parents again.

The pupils were clearly very moved by the whole experience and asked lots of thoughtful questions. Some of Year 6 are pictured in front of a pile of stones at the museum. This is a memorial to the 1,500,000 children murdered in the Holocaust. Visitors are invited to select a stone and add it as a tribute, this action reflects the ancient Jewish tradition of placing stones on graves when paying respect to the deceased. 

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