The tempo of the delivery of music and drama at TN has been raised several notches by the arrival of a number of new members of the music department who are joining TN for the Spring term whilst Mrs Hart, TN’s Director of Music is on maternity leave. Bringing their extensive music, drama and musical theatre skills to TN’s pupils are:

Mr James Westall. Mr Westall is a music and drama specialist, has extensive experience of teaching in prep schools, Sedbergh Prep and Brabyns Preparatory School to name but a few where he has worked variously as a peripatetic music teacher through to Head of Department. He is an accomplished violinist.  Mr Westall is delighted to be teaching Years 1-8 at TN. Married to Mrs Christabel Westall, Head of Seniors at Terra Nova, Mr Westall thoroughly enjoyed his first day teaching TN pupils. Year 1 were heard ‘monkeyin’ around’ whilst putting loads of enthusiastic singing and dancing effort into The Jungle Book’s ‘I’m the King of the Jungle’!

Mrs Amanda Greenwood. Mrs Greenwood has taught music and drama for several years in schools such as Ardingly College and most recently Head of Music and Drama at Conifers School. She also ran her own company teaching singing and performing arts for children aged 0-12 between having children. Mrs Greenwood returned to TN in Sep 2017 as a parent. TN is particularly special to her as she was in fact Head Girl of TN during her own school days! She kindly offered to help the Reception children prepare for their nativity play, one sighting of her teaching skills in action was so impressive that she was urged to join the teaching staff at TN!

Last but by no means least is Miss Olivia Withey. Miss Withey is an Arts Educational trained actress and hopes to train at RADA in the future. She attended the Sylvia Young theatre school for a number of years. Miss Withey will be immersing TN pupils in musical theatre deploying her own passion and aptitude for the subject.

How TN pupils can get involved in Music / Drama & Musical Theatre opportunities:

At the end of the Spring term, ALL pupils in Years 1-8 will showcase what they have learnt in their music activities this term.The concert will showcase everything from musical theatre to samba band, pop songs to African folk music.

Additionally, our dynamic musical trio: Mr Westall, Mrs Greenwood and Miss Withey are extremely excited to be introducing an inter house music competition. This competition will be styled along the lines of Gareth Malone’s ‘The Choir’. Each house will prepare music pieces for 3 different categories: juniors, seniors and soloists. The performances will be judged by an external adjudicator and the winning house will be awarded a cup! May the most musical house win!


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