The Terra Nova school community has enjoyed a significant expansion of its pupil numbers this term. We are particularly delighted that 3 new pupils have joined Year 6 for the very special experience that is Years 7&8 at Terra Nova. Pupil numbers in Years 7&8 have exceeded 50 for the past 2 years and are on track to increase further. Pupils in Year 7&8 enjoy a uniquely nurturing learning environment where they are rigorously prepared for their senior school and are able to develop their skill sets by engaging in the wide range of opportunities available to them. Taking part in TN’s boarding experience further allows pupils to develop their independence and enables their characters to flourish!

Terra Nova would like to extend a warm welcome to the following pupils:

Alice B and Harrison and Brooke T who are all joining Year 6

George T joining Year 4

Teddy T joining Year 1

Plus Henrietta C, Oliver C, Charlie D, Alba H, Ella N, Harry N, Joshua P & Freddie R, all of whom are joining Nursery this term.




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