A hearty, well balanced meal in the middle of the British winter is something which can seem like a side order to education, however at Terra Nova we believe that it is not only important, but vital to the success of our students. The 5 day week at TN is exciting, challenging and a thrilling affair: to perform to the best of their ability students must ensure that the correct food groups, in the correct quantities are being consumed. 
Since arriving at TN in August this year I have marvelled at the quality of food available throughout the day for our students. Working a three week rotation the TN catering team in the TN kitchen combine nutrition with excitement, all displayed to make consumers want to try it. Each day the TN food fest begins for boarders and breakfast clubbers at 07:30 allowing working parents to head to their workplace knowing their children’s health is being catered for. Lunchtime options are wide and varied and supper ensures that post Prep and Pre boarding needs are met. Toasted breads and a variety of toppings are served at 20.00, this finishes the day with a shared experience in which the day’s events can be reflected upon. Our children are lucky indeed. Thank you to the catering team for making this happen every day. 
Mr Philip Stewart
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