Year 8 recently participated in an interview skills workshop which was led by Mrs Annabel Anderson, Terra Nova’s Speech & Drama teacher. The workshop was designed to encourage the year group to think about what they might expect at interview and how they should present themselves well and with confidence. Some of our pupils may go on a taster / overnight stay interview and so will need to be suitably prepared for that also.
The workshop began with some interactive drama games to get the pupils thinking about listening and teamwork. This had the added benefit of acting as an icebreaker for the session! 
The next steps that were worked on were ‘how to prepare for interview’ and ‘how to make a good impression’, in groups. Some ‘Top Tips’ for interview were devised. The children undertook some role play exercises using some tricky interview questions to think how best to answer.
We ended by practising shaking hands and making confident eye contact. The children took some handouts to take home so that they can practise all that they learned with their parents in advance of their interviews for senior schools.
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