One of the many new initiatives which is currently being rolled out in the English department is the introduction of TN ‘reading ambassadors.’ These ambassadors – chosen from pupils in year 7 – will promote a love of reading across the school. It is a big job and we have been heartened to see just how many of our Year 7s are keen to take part. Initially four pupils will be trained and they will help to lead assemblies, share newly published books and demonstrate their passion for reading through a number of exciting ways. Each form room now has its own mini library which will ensure that children have plenty of interesting books on hand to choose from. Our reading ambassadors will also be helping to ensure there is a wide and diverse collection in each form room, as well as offering recommendations. Watch this space as more reading ambassadors are unveiled in the next half of term. Seen here are the 1st set of reading ambassadors: Ben LJ, Oska D, Josh K and Harrison B. Happy reading everyone!

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