This term, Yr 3’s theme is Extreme Earth and to kick-start the topic, we visited Speedwell and Peak caverns in the Peak District National Park. For the day, children donned their hard hats and became intrepid underground explorers! At Speedwell Cavern, children were taken on a journey around the underground cave system by boat. As well as learning about the heritage of the caverns, they also learned about the geological features, which linked directly to the learning in class.
After a picnic lunch, we embarked on a beautiful walk through the fields and the picturesque village of Castleton to our next destination, Peak Cavern, which boasts the largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles. Here, children were fascinated by some of the unusual rock formations, not to mention the sets used in some well known movies, including The Chronicles of Narnia! The biggest gasp came when our tour guide explained that he was a speleologist, who once spent a staggering eight weeks underground! Sammy quite rightly pointed out that this was as long as the summer holiday!
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