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My first week at the prestigious and delightful school of Terra Nova has been enlightening. After months of anticipation I was delighted to finally engage with staff and students alike; a journey through the history and DNA of TN. After 7 years of taking an electric bike through the skyscrapers of Shanghai, the short drive from Holmes Chapel through the mist laden fields of rural Cheshire was both uplifting and awe inspiring. It is only when you do not see something for a period of time that you appreciate what you have. Terra Nova is set in a location second to none. 
My first address to the student body on Wednesday was one that left me happy and sad in equal measure. The question of “what does the Headmaster do?” draws the same reaction the world over: chuckles from the teaching staff as they too ponder the question and a student body who give answers ranging from “sleep in your office,” to “you have to deal with my mum and dad when they are not happy.” This time I also had the answer, ” to prepare us for exams.” School is not just about exams; in fact I demand that exams do not dictate our school curriculum or ethos. They are, of course, a necessary and important part of the transition from one stage of education to another and success in exams will also open more doors for future study and employment.
So what is the job of a Headmaster? Well, it is a question worthy of a novel. The role is wide and varied (a reason I love the job so much). Fundamentally, however, my job is very simple: To get the best out everyone who enters, both adults and children. 
Philosophy is described as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Surely something for A level students and beyond? Or is it something that can be done with Year 1s? Philosophy was the theme of today’s assembly where Year 7&8 students acted as collaborative mentors for our younger students. Rather than me tell you, however, why not ask them what it was about…..
Have a wonderful weekend.
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