Terra Nova’s pupils were very excited to begin the week with a helicopter landing on the playing fields! Jennifer Murray, a world record holding helicopter pilot kindly agreed to visit Terra Nova to share stories of her adventures. In 2007, Murray successfully co-piloted a circumnavigation of the Earth by the north and the south poles with pilot Colin Bodill. Their first attempt in 2003 ended in a near fatal crash in Antartica.

Mrs Murray initially addressed Years 5,6 & 7 talking about her love of flying, the many adventures she has been on and shared a harrowing but gripping re-enactment of the 2003 crash. Mrs Murray and her sister, Gillian Pattinson, an artist, visited Antartica in 2016 following the route taken by Ernest Shackleton as part of the centenary celebrations of Shackleton’s epic adventure. Year 4 were treated to a talk from Mrs Murray & Mrs Pattinson to cement their knowledge of this term’s topic: Ice Age. Year 4 seen here with Mrs Murray relished the opportunity to learn even more about the windiest, coldest and highest continent on Earth.

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