Despite the wet weather, the wildlife in our outdoor area is continuing to thrive. We have a family of bunnies living in burrows under the shed, nesting great tits in one of our bird boxes and we are often visited by pheasants! The children have really enjoyed observing the animal activity.
During class discussions we have been finding out about the Prime Minister (at time of press!) where she lives and what she does. We have had a debate on what rules and laws we would introduce if we became the Prime Minister. We then all had a vote as to which rule we would introduce, for example, No burglars allowed
Everyone has to do a good job at their work
No one is allowed to take money
Next week we have our very exciting trip to Pizza Express. To prepare our budding chefs, we have decorated paper pizza’s with yummy toppings, whilst learning all about halving, dividing and sharing. 
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