by Liz Syed, Latin teacher

Year 7 Latin learners were recently faced with a challenge of a different kind; based on the idea of an “Escape Room”, where teams compete to solve puzzles to break out of a locked room, the Year 7s had just 40 minutes to open all the padlocks on a set of locked boxes!

The padlock combinations were based on a series of clues involving Latin grammar puzzles and to open the final box was the goal. Inside the final box they would find a clue leading them to the identity of the thief who had “stolen” the school registers from the office – would they manage to open the box and find the culprit in sufficient time?

Working collaboratively in teams of 3 and with the clock ticking, the pupils demonstrated superb communication, problem-solving and creative thinking skills as they were faced with complex grammar tasks presented in a new way. They used their knowledge of Latin noun declensions to solve the challenges which involved invisible ink messages, hidden keys and more…. (but it’s top secret).  

There was great excitement as the teams broke into the final box with only 90 seconds to spare, to unmask Madame Lea as the Master Criminal. With the registers returned to their rightful place, the teams reflected on their mission and the Latin grammar that they had successfully practised without realising it! Their next task is to work together to create their own “Break Out” game for some more unsuspecting Latin learners – watch this space!  


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