In Year 4 our term has got off to a ‘chilly’ start as our topic  is based around the film ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’. So far the children have learnt what an Ice Age is and how they are caused. They were intrigued to find out that we are currently living in an ice age called the Quaternary ice age. The Earth is in a warmer stage of the ice age called an interglacial period!

Year 4 enjoyed finding out about ice age artefacts and painted their own cave paintings on rocks and under their desks! They learnt about the world’s polar regions and explorers such as Scott and Shackleton. This led them to produce their own South Pole survival guides using green screen. They also put their survival skills to the test by building shelters during Forest School.

In literacy the children have enjoyed watching ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’ and wrote, directed and acted out their own play scripts based on the film. Children have written descriptions and newspaper reports. During our science lessons the children have carried out their own investigations to find the best material to keep a polar explorer warm. They have also investigated which materials are best in preventing an ice cube from melting. We also investigated reversible and irreversible materials.


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