by Fiona Fontes, Head of Art

A plan was hatched to create a school mosaic following my visit to the studio of mosaic artist, Katy Galbraith. The theme was to be an English Country Garden. Over the following months, funds were raised, broken crockery collected, glass artists contacted, tile stores persuaded to donate materials and their skips raided (with permission!). Before Katy arrived, pupils from Years 3 to 8 prepared their designs with the broken crockery and glass, laying them out on sticky backed plastic. They also made individual ceramic leaves with their names on, ready to add to the tree. Katy was quite overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the work made by the children. We were going to have a busy four days getting so many pieces up on the wall of the Art department! Pupils, teachers and parents all worked together; some well into the evenings. How quickly our garden grew! There was a loose plan, but Katy encouraged pupils to make their own decisions regarding where the pieces went. Enthusiastic children worked well beyond lessons and into their break times, spurred on by the positive and encouraging comments of all who passed. By the time Katy left there were just the upper branches of the tree and rather a lot of grouting still to do. My head for heights has been sorely tested! Together, pupils, parents and staff have created a stunning piece of work to outlast us all! Watch this space though…..the children have plans to extend the mosaic even further!

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