It was a busy first half of term in Year 4, here is just a snapshot of all that the children have been up to!

In Science, the topic has been light and shadows. Children can been seen having ‘fun in the sun’, drawing round their shadows and investigating how shadows lengthen and shorten during the day. Both classes have been investigating opaque, translucent and transparent objects and understanding which objects allow light to pass through and which create shadows.

In their topic work and studies about China, the children have found out about the First Emperor and considered both his achievements and his shortcomings. Of course, the Terracotta Warriors have been a focus and we have been comparing London to Beijing. The number of fantastic kites visible in the classroom is growing rapidly as creating a kite at home has been a Year 4 home learning project. Congratulations to Year 4 for putting in such a great effort both at school and at home! 

The children are loving their English studies of ‘The Moon Princess’. Some great descriptive work has been achieved. In Maths, the China theme has been continuing and Mrs Ward’s class have been planning holidays to China whilst Mrs Leigh’s class have been creating Chinese menus and interpreting Beijing weather graphs. We are very much looking forward to our China Day!

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