Year 2 have had a remarkably royal week! In our Topic lesson, the children have been learning all about significant British monarchs throughout our history, including Henry VIII and Queen Victoria to name but a few. The children researched facts, made chronological timelines and wrote their own intriguing fact files in Literacy.

In PSHE, the children have been finding out about King John and the Magna Carta. They were able to remember and share lots of interesting information; Clemmie shared with us that the Magna Carta is over 800 years old. Sameer said “The Magna Carta was written because King John wasn’t following the rules or being very nice to other people!” Henry added “He was a very strict King”. The children then came together and created their own Year 2 Magna Carta and promised to do their best to follow these rules. 
The children released their inner art critic, looking at various famous portraits of Queen Elizabeth 11. The children commented on colour choices and the mediums used before creating their very own portraits of the Queen herself. We can’t wait to see the finished pieces on display!
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