The Art and DT departments have had a busy start to the year with final portfolio preparation for a record number of potential Art and DT scholars, a workshop at Moreton Hall, Year 7s and 4s entering a Shrewsbury School Art & DT​ competition and the introduction of Saturday morning Art classes.

Year 7 girls attended a lively workshop at Moreton Hall School, during which they experienced a range of printing, painting and collaging techniques. The work was inspired by dress uniforms and in particular, that worn by the visiting Shrewsbury town crier.  

Year 8 have just completed their fashion project with the theme ‘Under the Sea’ and have been busy evaluating each other’s work. 

Year 5 are staining their ceramic tiles which will complete the scenes “through the eye of a mouse” filling the treads of the school back staircase. These tiles are now installed, please do have a look next time you are passing this part of the school!

Year 4s have made wonderful moving birds and dragons flying in front of ​famous paintings for their entries into the Shrewsbury School ‘Organic/Mechanic’ competition. Whilst on this subject, we are delighted that Terra Nova had some winners from Years 4 & 7 in the inaugural Shrewsbury School Art and Design Technology competition, even though the overall standard of entries was outstanding!

Year 4

1st prize – Isabella 

2nd prize – Alexandra 

3rd prize – Hannah 

Year 7

1st prize – William 


There will be a Yr 3 – 8 mosaic project next half of term. The work will be permanently displayed on the outside wall of the Art Room. Please do help us with donating any mosaic tiles, broken crockery, tiles, glass nuggets, mirror glass.Have you seen the stunning mosaic work completed last term?​ Do have a closer look in our Sculpture Garden.


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