What was life like two thousand years ago, when the last people to speak Latin to each other were alive? In addition to their Latin language studies, Years 5 – 8 have been learning about aspects of Classical Civilisation and have explored Roman clothes, food and houses and the ever-popular, fascinating world of Greek mythology.

Year 5 have made, by hand, storyboards of their favourite Greek myths and utilised a storyboard website accessed via their Chromebooks. Year 6 baked Roman cakes – cakes made with cheese and honey, (because sugar hadn’t been discovered in Roman times!) and Year 7 enjoyed a “Roman Mannequin Challenge”. They had to find out what the Romans wore and then design and make typical Roman clothing for a mannequin. They came up with some beautiful creations!

Year 7 created some fantastic home-made Roman houses. They spent a lot of time adding accurate details of house layouts, décor and amenities to these models using a variety of materials, including Lego!  

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