Happy New Year of the Rooster!!

Throughout this term, Year 4 have been celebrating the culture and country of China as part of our topic ‘Wushu and Warriors’ through a wide range of cross curricular activities. We have learnt about the story of the Chinese New Year, the stories of the different animals it recognises and found out how people celebrate it across the globe. We have acted out the story, written Chinese New Year poems, and made our own paper lanterns!

We have also been learning about the location and geography of China as well as its rich history. We learnt about the First Emperor and his Terracotta Warriors and even made our own Terracotta Warriors out of clay!We have also been learning about the differences in lifestyle, food and customs. We were lucky enough to be visited by Yeiko from Year 7 who told us about her life in China, giving us a real insight into life in a different culture. 

by Mrs Jacqui Ward & Mrs Andrea Leigh – Year 4 teachers 

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