Year 2 have had a tremendously busy start to the new term, starting their new topic, ‘We are Great Britain’. In just a few short weeks the children have had the opportunity to explore their new topic across the curriculum in a number of different multi-sensory ways.

In literacy, the children have been channeling their inner television star for our Countryfile project. The children used the Chromebooks to research their chosen topic and wrote their own reports. We are now in the process of filming our reports using the Green Screen.

The children have been learning to use column addition and subtraction to support their calculations in maths, particularly enjoying using the arrow cards to partition 3 digit numbers and beyond.

The children are getting green fingered in science, growing cress for our class experiment ‘Do seeds germinate better in light or dark conditions?’. The children have made their predictions and over the next week we will watch our seeds grow.

We have had a geography focus in our topic lessons so far this term, learning about OS map symbols and what they mean.

What an action packed start! We can’t wait to find out what we will learn next!

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