Facts about our Reception:

  • 2 form entry, maximum of 18 per form
  • 1 Teacher & 1 Teaching Assistant per form
  • Pupils’ ages: 4&5 years of age
  • Hours: 8.15am – 3.30pm + After school clubs & care until 6pm + holiday clubs
  • Maximum of 18 children per class (2 remaining places currently available)

Children benefit from specialist subject teaching in French, Music, Forest School, Swimming, Rhythm Time & Dance. Ballet lessons are also available

“The TN of today is far removed from the TN I knew when I attended. I was one of not many girls whereas now the split between boys and girls is much more even. In answer to why we have chosen TN for our children, I would say that our children are very different to one another in their character and in their interests. That Terra Nova’s teachers know my children so well and are able to draw out both their individual strengths and support their weaknesses impresses me hugely.”
Mrs White – Veterinary Imager / Mr White – Sculptor

Our teachers are 100% committed to ensuring your child is happy, well cared for and safe. We also believe that the stunning setting of our school inspires our pupils and allows them to flourish.

We offer your child:

  • a unique educational experience where each child’s individuality is recognised, nurtured and celebrated.
  • extensive opportunities for your child’s whole character and of course, their academic ability, to develop.
  • the chance to be a part of a school community that places the greatest of emphasis on: truthfulness, kindness, respect, perseverance and patience.

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What we've been doing in Reception

Reception pupils worm charming

Dance lessons are a hit with Reception children!

The Reception class attend dance lessons every Wednesday for half an hour. They start by warming up and then practice a special dance routine for the song. The children follow instructions well and have created a brilliant dance routine. Click here to see an example...

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Reception enjoy woodland adventures!

Every Thursday, the Reception class attend Forest Schools and have so much fun! This week, the year group enjoyed the story 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. The children were fascinated by the fact that Grandma was horrible and so the children devised a magic potion to...

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