Facts about our Pre School:

  • High teaching staff to child ratio
  • Pupils must be rising 3 before they can attend Terra Nova’s Pre School
  • 8.00am – 3.30pm + After school clubs & care until 6pm + holiday clubs
  • Pre School attendance guarantees a place at Terra Nova School

Children benefit from specialist subject teaching in French, Music, Forest School, Rhythm Time & Dance. Swimming & Ballet lessons are also available

“Our children are thriving at Terra Nova’s Pre School. It is so much more than just a pre-school. We feel it is an extension of our home and how we want to raise our family. The outdoorsiness, the fun the children have in a nurturing environment coupled with how the pre-school meets our childcare needs as we both work means Terra Nova was the obvious choice when choosing a school.”
Mrs Rutherford, Legal Counsel & Mr Rutherford, Property Developer

Our experienced and dedicated pre-school teachers are 100% committed to ensuring our children are happy, well cared for and safe. We also believe that the stunning setting of our school inspires our pupils and allows them to flourish.

We offer your child:

  • a unique educational experience where each child’s individuality is recognised, nurtured and celebrated.
  • extensive opportunities for your child’s whole character, and of course, their academic ability, to develop.
  • the chance to be a part of a school community that places the greatest of emphasis on: truthfulness, kindness, respect, perseverance and patience.

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What we've been doing in Pre School

Pre School children puddle splashing