Our school

Mark MitchellTerra Nova School has a unique character.

Your child’s happiness combined with the space for them to learn, to grow and to flourish are the fundamentals required for an educational journey full of challenges and opportunities.

It is my belief and hope that each pupil must be enabled to realise their full potential and that they should be stretched and supported to achieve this.

I also believe that self confidence, empathy for fellow pupils and an appetite to engage in the many opportunities school life presents, means pupils leave the school enriched by their time at Terra Nova. It is widely accepted amongst the senior schools for whom Terra Nova is a feeder school that Terra Nova pupils stand out as mature, confident and able individuals.

Today the school takes boys and girls aged 3-13. There are approximately 270 children in the school with an average of 30 children per year group. Each year is divided into 2 classes. Pre-school provision is offered by Terra Nova’s nursery with formal schooling beginning in the Reception class. There are 9 year groups in the entire school.

The school recognises the hugely varied requirements of the pupils during what are their childhood years at Terra Nova and the curriculum, the sport and activities and the care for the children around school hours is designed to reflect this.

We look forward to welcoming you to Terra Nova School

Mark Mitchell, Headmaster