To all Old Terra Novans (OTNs)

I hope that you are enjoying the opportunity to see our new website!

We are very aware that you have been neglected over the last decade or so and are very keen to re-establish our links with you (and your parents).

As you would imagine, our OTN database is extensive but almost certainly very out of date in relation to both your contact information and those of your parents.

The first step to establishing a flourishing OTN Society is to make sure that we have the correct contacts for you. Could you please fill in as many of the fields below that you can so that we can get in touch with you in relation to an OTN Day and possible other events. We would, of course, welcome you to any of our school events, be they: plays, matches or special events to promote Terra Nova School. You are very much part of the family of this school and we would like to renew our links with you. Tim Fryer (who many of you may well remember – sometime Head of Science, IT, Deputy Headmaster, Registrar etc.) will be coordinating this process and we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you back into the fold.  

Please encourage any other OTNs you are in contact with to fill this in as well.

Mark Mitchell (Headmaster)


Apologies but we will not be having the OTN Day this term for several reasons:

  1. Many younger OTNs and their families have other commitments on Saturday, 1st July.
  2. Ex and existing staff are unable to make it on that date.
  3. Phil Stewart (the new Headmaster) would like to launch the OTN Society after his arrival in September.
  4. The OTN committee needs to be formed and prepared to take the OTN Society forward.
  5. Tim Fryer will finally be retiring at the end of December.

OTN buffet/dinner and Boarding – (was on 25/3/2017)

A great time was had by all. Definitely now a yearly fixture – watch this space for date for next year.

Please fill in as many of the fields below as you are able:

Tim Fryer Former Deputy Headmaster

14 + 5 =