Charity support

The school has chosen to support ‘Facing Africa’, the children have raised money on behalf of their houses.

In the Autumn term £6350 has been raised by the children for ‘Facing Africa’ This has been achieved through a variety of activities organised by the children. A sponsored walk up Winder, cake sales, whole school face painting are just some of the activities that have taken place.

Winder walk

In November 2015, Year 7 and some of their siblings scaled Winder in Cumbria. Despite the wind, the rain and the fog, a marvellous time was had by all, everyone made it to the top and back down again and the bond between our stalwart Year 7s was strengthened further.

Cake sale

Cake sales and sweet sales crop up in the diary regularly at Terra Nova school. An excellent fund raiser every time, the children who organise the cake sales are rewarded by clean plates as fellow pupils stock up on end of week treats on Fridays! Not every Friday we hasten to add!

Face painting

The brainwave of Capesthorne House! Capesthorne teamed together and painted every child that wanted to be face painted with an African animal of choice in support of “Facing Africa”. The children looked fabulous and the face paints stayed on all day!