Coming soon . Boarding open day at Terra Nova

Come and meet our house parent and matrons and see our upgraded boarding facilities.

Boarding Provision At Terra Nova

Come and meet our house parent and matrons and see our upgraded boarding facilities

Boarding Provision At Terra Nova

Come and meet our house parent and matrons and see our upgraded boarding facilities.

Boarding Provision at Terra Nova

Evening boarding activities in place for Spring 2018:

Monday: Dodgeball / Musical Theatre
Tuesday: Rugby
Wednesdays: Table tennis / Carney Academy of Performing Arts
Thursdays: Football

In addition to: Board Games, Crafts, Movies and use of the PAC, Floodlit Astro and Common Rooms

Welcome to boarding at Terra Nova

Terra Nova School’s commitment to boarding is founded in its belief that the boarding element of life at Terra Nova offers our pupils something unique. The opportunity to develop independence, organisation skills and self motivation in addition to relaxing and socialising with friends are all benefits of our boarding provision.

  • Flexible boarding is available and inclusive of Monday – Friday
  • A house parent, boarding tutors, GAP students and independent listener make up the boarding team in supporting the boarders
  • Children can board from Year 3 upwards
  • In addition to socialising with friends in the common rooms, boarders are able to sign up to a variety of extra curricular activities such as sports training, acting classes, table tennis or dodgeball!


Spring term 2018 – Themed and Activity nights

14th February -Valentine’s themed night

16th February – No boarding – half term

2nd March – Ice skating

9th March – Super Bowl

16th March – Bushcraft

21st March – Sports Relief fundraising

23rd March – Go-karting

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Why our pupils relish the opportunity to board
  • They benefit academically in having more lessons timetabled into longer days.
  • They benefit from after school clubs and extra lessons in subjects that they either have a passion for or need extra preparation in. e.g. extra classes are timetabled in advance of 11+, 13+ common entrance or scholarship exams
  • After supper the children have their own downtime to spend time with their friends in enjoying the school’s amazing facilities playing tennis, playing football on the astro or accessing the Google chromebooks.
  • Boarding undoubtedly develops our pupils’ confidence and independence
  • The children enjoy a freedom in choosing how to spend their free time that is very difficult to recreate at home in a world where children can’t easily spend time away from adults at the park or walk to their friends’ houses


Why our parents like our flexible boarding approach
  • Our parents are a diverse mix of people some of whom are familiar with boarding but many of whom have had no experience of it until their child arrives at Terra Nova! The concept of flexible boarding dovetails with family life.
  • Boarding undoubtedly develops our pupils’ confidence and independence
  • Practically speaking, having after school activities and supper all available at school saves parents’ time and petrol costs.
  • Our pupils’ in Year 7&8 are changing from children to young people, they seek a greater degree of independence from their parents which is available to them in the safe environment of school.
  • Terra Nova is a magical place for children to grow up in

Why we as a school benefit from offering a boarding provision

We are the only boarding school in Cheshire, just another reason our school is uniquely wonderful!

The staff and structures in place to support boarding enhance what we are able to offer our pupils, just some examples of this are detailed below:

  • medical care from the matrons,
  • freshly cooked breakfast, lunch, teas and suppers from the on site kitchen,
  • the Gap year students who support the boarding & sports aspects of school and at 18/19 years old become like older siblings for our pupils.
  • The boarding provision enables our school to be an extension of our pupils’ homes, in essence our school is a community with boarding at its heart.

“I will be leaving Terra Nova for a day school but I’m glad I have had the chance to board. I like being able to play sport in the evenings with my friends and the Gap students.”
Gabriel Kinzelman, Head of Rugby

Medical and Boarding Department

Dr Janie La Coste
– School Medical Officer

Mrs Robina Smith
– Senior Matron

Mrs Sandra Blackhurst
– Matron

Mrs Averil Clews
– Matron

Miss Emma Hargreaves
– Head of Boarding